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Today I found out

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that I didn’t win or place in the Smile Contest here are the lucky winners… I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all that voted for my photo – I really do appreciate it!

Today is also the last day to enter the Canon EOS Photo5 competition…it is a fun yet very challenging competition that gives the photographer 5 briefs. Just so you know – I have no chance of winning a thing BUT I loved the challenge!

Here are my entries….

Brief 1. Eyedropper//Close up

And you’re not limited to just water – feel free to use liquids of different colours and consistencies, such as milk or tomato soup. Just make sure you get close.

This brief is asking you to use your lens to look closer. Use the eye dropper to place drops of liquid in any arrangement you want. You can use a single drop, or as many drops as you like.

Canon Photo5 Brief 1

I don’t have a macro lens but learnt about a technique where you take your lens off the camera and reverse it – turns it into a magnifier! I hand held the lens against the camera and positioned myself where the drop and 1945 came into focus. This stamp is from my childhood stamp collection – my stamp album is inscribed with my writing saying Catherine Geikowski 1974. This is one of my favourite Australian stamps. I love the colour as well as the fact that it is celebrating the end of WWII in 1945.

Brief 2. Bubblegum//Portraiture

This brief has one rule: feature bubble gum in a portrait. How you or your subject use the bubble gum is up to you. If you need more gum, visit your friendly local convenience store.

Note: For this competition we’re defining a portrait as any shot where a person is the main subject.

Canon Photo5 Brief 2

For this one, I decided not to go with the obvious blowing a bubble image. There are hundreds of them and so many of those images are fabulous. Instead, I made a speech bubble out of the bubblegum and made the word ‘mmm…’ out of gum as well. I love the textures and lines of this image.

Brief 3. Incense//Black & White

This is a moody brief. Use smoke from the incense to create ambience and atmosphere in a black and white photo. It’s not just about shooting smoke, but capturing the essence of black and white photography in a dramatic way.

Canon Photo5 Brief 3

I found this brief to be the most challenging. It really pushed me to shoot differently. I shot this indoors, in pitch black with a Flash! Pretty happy how it turned out. It had to have incense smoke in the image so I chose it to represent steamy and smelly socks and boots after a footy game.

Brief 4. Confetti//Capturing Motion

This brief is a bit of a celebration. Your task is to capture the confetti in motion. you can use the confetti we’ve included or any kind you want. If you need more add as much as you want. It’s about motion, so your image must convey a sense of movement.

Let’s keep this brief environmentally friendly – don’t forget to clean up when you’re finished.

Canon Photo5 Brief 4

This was one of many ideas that I had for this brief. Bronte gave Zachary an old style pop gun a couple of months ago and I wanted to see of we could make it shoot confetti. This was the first image  I took and I love the colours and movement.

Brief 5. Inspired By Sound//Open Brief

This brief is about your creative interpretation of a sound. The task is to listen to the sound bite at the link below, and create a photo inspired by it – using any technique you want.

‘Inspired by Sound’ is this year’s open brief. That means it’s available to anyone, not just those who received a box.

Listen to the sound here

Canon Photo5 Brief 5

I had this image in my mind from the very start – since I heard the sound. I tried to get away from the image of war but kept coming back to it.

My intention was to have the soldiers virtually in silhouette and let their shadows tell the story. Then the plane represents the sound – will it drop a bomb? Is the plane friend or foe?

So, what do you think? I am delighted with myself that I actually completed all 5 challenges this year – last year I did just three.

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  1. LOVE the bubble gum shot. Very creative :)

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