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More Birthday Celebrations on I Heart Faces – Week 2: Best Face Photo

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I’ve been away for week or so as it is summer holidays here in Australia so have nearly missed out on entering this weeks competition. And boy are there a lot of entries! 700+ – must be nearly a record?

So, the rules are as follows: “Best Face Photo.” You should enter the face photo that you love the best that you took either in the month of December 2009 or in early January 2010. This is not the week to look through your archives for a favorite photo! We want something that is fresh and new and that shows off where you are in your photography journey right now.

I think this photo of Bronte really fits the criteria. My photography has evolved over the last year and I am loving where it is at at the moment.


I love this lazy, hazy summer days look (on the day this was taken it was just over 35 degrees celsius!). We were lying on a blanket in the back yard of where we were holidaying.  Lying under a big tree in its shade, just trying to cool down. She {we} had a snooze and this is just after she woke up….smiling at me when she realised that I was taking her photo….


I love her eyes. I love her emerging grin. I love her smattering of freckles.



Being Bronte

Being Bronte














Head on over to i heart faces for some absolutely AWESOME photos of faces.


k8 xxx

20 Comments Add yours!

  1. Wow! Great shot! I love the angle! She is simply beautiful

  2. just so relaxing this picture! I love it!

  3. Wow this picture just oooozes joy. Love it!

  4. this just feels like summer… so jealous here in the states with winter brewing. great shot!

  5. Monika

    I’m jealous… 35 degrees celsius & an afternoon snooze outside during the holidays sound lovely!!

  6. Great shot Kate! Bronte is gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous girl and shot.

  8. Thanks for the comment on my spagetti face girl. Australia. Wow. I can see the happiness in her eyes. It oozes love. Just beautiful.

  9. Oh K8 : ) I just want to say how much I adore this picture. Her first waking up smile is precious : ) I am glad she has a Mom like you who is taking pictures of her as she grows. I love her name, did I ever tell you!

    How can I ever thank you for your positively delightful comment today. You totally made my day. Yes, I have never had 134 comments before. Someone else asked me how I did it : ) I think some people come to visit me because they remember me from previous visits. I really love meeting the photographers and looking at their pictures. I know some people don’t like to go thru pictures because they all aren’t professional quality, but to tell you the truth, I ADORE the non professional pictures. I like the real moms with the real images that speak of their love for their child : ) Those are my most favorite. Of course I learn and glean knowledge from those professionals, but real mommy photographers are my most favorite kind : ).

    You always leave me lovely comments and I appreciate it! Thanks from the bottom of my heart! : )

  10. You will treasure this pic forever! Her smile looks so sweet! (I wish it were that warm here!!) And, thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  11. i love her freckles

  12. What a sweet face. I can totally tell she is a sweetheart. You can see the love in her eyes.

  13. Thank you for the comment on my photo! Your photo is great! She looks a bit like my niece. Very cute girl!

  14. It’s hard to believe that in another part of the world, it is warm and sunny. I think I need a vacay to Australia. :) I love the calm, serene and happy feel to this photos.

  15. She looks so relaxed :) The heat is getting to us as well. Melbourne is getting really hot these days

  16. Beautiful! I can feel the lazy, warmth of summer and shear bliss in her lovely smile. Your photo reminds me a little of mine with my freckle face boy, this week.

  17. Love the angle, facial expression and it is just simply a great pic! Nice job!

  18. What a beautiful capture… love how the pink of the pillow reflects on her face & gives it a rosy glow.
    Thanks for your comment on my photo! I feel like such a baby with my photography and am touched when someone leaves me a compliment :)

  19. Great entry this week my friend! :-) I LOVE your comments and love everything you loved about this shot too :-) it’s been so so good to “meet you’ this year on I Heart Faces!

  20. So Dreamy – dozy – sweet! Thanks for commenting too :D

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