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Catch up Post!

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I have been missing in action again – so sorry!

This is a bit of a catch up post because a bit has been happening around here. First of all – I won the Canon PhotoChains Contest for my image representing the word Rainbow. This was my take on the challenge…

I was so excited to win and the prize was a Canon EOS 550D with 18-55mm IS Lens. It arrived last week! Woo hoo! (do you say ‘woo hoo’ in real life? I don’t!)

I was featured on the Canon EOS Blog and that was a bit of fun!

Then there was Mother’s Day – I was thoroughly spoilt by my husband and children. We spent a lovely afternoon cruising down Chapel Street, Prahran and trawling the shops. We all loved it and then dinner with Joycey from up the road. Such a nice way to spend the day.

What else has happened? Ummm – Parent/Teacher interviews for our daughter Bronte. She is in her first year of Secondary School and let’s just say she is doing ridiculously well! The teachers were all very positive regarding her school work and her behaviour and what I also find pleasing is that she is making new friends as well as keeping her lovely old friends.

Our eldest is in Year 11 but he is also doing a few Year 12 subjects – Maths Methods and English. He received an Academic Excellence Award last week for Year 12 English and is the top of his class! So, so proud of him and how he applies himself to his school work!

Our middle guy is in Year 10 and had Career Counselling over the last few weeks as all year 10’s do. Then we had a meeting with the counsellor as well and it seems that the testing our guy has done has revealed what we knew – that he is a hands on guy and would be well suited to a trade of some kind. Now to help and guide him down the right path.


And, I have been taking a few photos with my Lensbaby lens system like the one below.




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  1. Great location and processing Kate!

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