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Thunder only happens when it’s raining…..

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Players only love you when they’re playing
Say, women…they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know
You’ll know

one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs and my lovely daughter reminded me of it today when she was singing it doing our little fully rained on mini-shoot.

I have been really ill this past week. So ill in fact, I went to the doctor! The doctor sent me off to casualty at our local hospital as it turned out I have shingles and not only are they down my nose but they are in my right eye and the right side of my forehead. If you don’t know what shingles are – google it. It is painful – oh so painful. And energy sucking. They started last Thursday and today, Saturday, 8 days later is the first day I have only had two sleeps during the day and also the first day I can actually open my eye properly. I became not only unwell but miserable. It felt like there was no end – especially when the swelling moved across to my left eye. I admit it, I cried. More than once.

My lovely friends all rallied around which has been beautiful. Lovely meals for my family were baked and delivered. Friends took me to the hospital, to the Dr appointments and called around to make sure things were going along ok. My children were great once I made out a list of jobs and so was my husband. It is a joy to see (literally). I have much to be thankful for.

Before I got ill, I wanted to enter into a photo competition where the image had to contain an umbrella. I had a few ideas but the illness really threw that all out of the window. Yesterday, I sms’d some friends and asked around for a clear umbrella. Two were unearthed for me and quickly. I still could barely see yesterday but I was hoping to shoot something today as the competition closes Monday and the prize is a fabulous Canon 5D MkII!

Today the rain has not stopped. It has been constant and torrential. I have been tired and felt ill and nearly didn’t do the shoot. My daughter encouraged me and went along with the idea of shooting ‘in the rain’

Below are some of what we created together. I am very pleased but haven’t chosen the final one to submit yet. Although I am leaning towards the first and last! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. bettina

    Oh wow these are amazing shots, I hope you win the 5d!!

  2. Ahmazing, truly. If you can shoot this well sick, there is no stopping you.
    I really like the first one but I LOVE #5, you nailed the focus on her eye and the movement from the middle out is just beautiful xx I really like #3 too :)

  3. These are awesome Kate. Nicely done!

  4. You sure know how to rock that lensbaby! These are fantastic! xo
    P.s. Get better soon!

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