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I leave next week….

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Getting very excited here as next Tuesday, I will be winging my way to the gorgeous Koh Samui, Thailand to photograph my FIRST Wedding!

It will be so totally amazing, I just know it. I am thrilled to say that my sister-in-law from over at Time Worn Style will be travelling with me and we are extending the trip out to three weeks!

Don’t worry, the menfolk and kids will cope very well without us – just hope that Finn the dog doesn’t miss me too much!

Can’t wait to share some images and tales about our trip here after I get back. Meanwhile, here are some I prepared earlier!!

I entered this, one of my favourite images, into a competition and I received a bronze award! I was very happy!

For the long weekend in March, we went to visit an Uncle of Stan’s in Inverloch. Bronte and I sneaked out for a little photoshoot…

This one is of Stan, lying on the floor at his Uncle’s, watching TV

My happy, oldest child

My cheeky second born!

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  1. Have the BEST time, What a great adventure! look forward to hearing all about it xx

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