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Sisterhood Stories: Week 11 – Reaping the rewards…

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Often I fall into a slump, photography-wise. Thinking that my work is not very good. Thinking that I probably should just give up trying to pursue this as a career. Thinking that I need to go out and get a ‘real’ job. I can get real down on myself and become quite critical and nasty. All about my work. I blame it on being a creative ‘artistic’ type. It is both a flaw and an attribute.

Then, just sometimes, something will happen to put me on the shining path again. This can be in the form of some encouraging words from friends and family to someone buying an image or ‘pinning’ one on Pinterest – as long as their Pinterest board is not named something like “If I ever take a photo like this, shoot me!”

Over the past two years I have entered some competitions. Each judged competition I have entered (except for Canon Photo5) I have received a Judges Award.

I entered a Canon Hero Chain competition and the theme was Rainbow. Of course, there were no rainbows to be found but we did have access to a rainbow beach box down at our local beach. So, I took my daughter down there, a chalkboard, blue chalk, a ukelele and my camera. I was shooting Pentax then I think!

So, for the rainbow theme I thought of the great song ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. I drew a bluebird on the chalkboard and had my daughter pose at the beach box with the ukelele. This image won the competition and for that I won a Canon 550D plus lenses. I was so excited! I ended up giving that camera to my 3 children and now they have a decent DSLR to film projects and shoot great stills!

Then there was the Pure Genius Photo competition. I entered a couple of images but one got through to the final 50. I was thrilled and as part of winning, could get Genius Printing to print and frame my image how I wanted. I chose it to be printed on canvas very large and with what is called a Shadow mount. The finalists were all exhibited in a gallery and my friends and my son went to see it. I was absolutely thrilled!

As you can see, I also entered this image into the ‘Creative Asia’ awards. I was delighted to receive a Bronze Award!

I entered this next image into the Better Digital Camera competition. Another Bronze Award and it is still one of my very favourite photos of my son!

and just this week, I won another Bronze Award. This time for an image I took of my friends son. I wanted a quirky, almost larger than life image so I submitted this one…

Made me smile that this image did so well (it was just one measly point from being Silver!)

So, I am posting this all I guess because at the moment, I am going through a real down patch. Maybe, just maybe, if I look back over this post from time to time – I might pick myself up a big faster!

(oh and if you want your images taken by an ‘award winning photographer’ maybe I am the one for you!)

I am so happy to be a part of a very special blogging circle – a circle of women from all around the world – who also happen to be inspiring and amazing photographers.

This will be a weekly post sharing a little bit of our lives along with some photos. I do hope you enjoy!

To read more of our “Sisterhood Stories” please follow the link to the next blog…and then follow again…and again….until you find your way back here…the circle will then be complete ….and don’t forget to say hello along the way ….enjoy your peek into our lives!

This week will be a very, very small circle as most of our circle are off to Venice today for a big photo frenzy meetup. I am so jealous but happy for them all of course! At times like this I wish I lived in Europe!

The next link in our chain is the Isabelle over at Isabelle Lafrance Photography – she is an amazing photographer whose name is even inspiring – go check her out – her work is awesome!

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  1. Hayley

    Oh Kate, it astonishes me that you struggle with your self belief when it comes to your photography, I am honestly so envious of your achievements, (more so that you have the courage to enter, to put yourself out there!!!) but if course mostly i am just extremely pleased for you!! I do hope in time you learn to see your work as the rest if the world does, beautiful, unique, inspiring xx

  2. Don’t ever doubt your talent K8. You have a wonderful gift to share.

  3. The very first thing I think. If you are creating work like this above and think you are not good enough, I’m sticking around to see what genius you will produce and like :)
    Love you and you your work xx

  4. I just love your photos! They’re gorgeous, and congratulations.

  5. Rebecca Geikowski

    The photos you take are wonderful x x

  6. That first photo is a killer!

    Awesome work Kate and congrats on all your awards :)

  7. Isabelle

    How did I miss this post? You are so talented, doubts will always arise every now and then, it just makes us go further as artists.

  8. You are an amazing photographer kate congrats on all of your awards!

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