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The AIPP Victorian Professional Photography Awards 2014 and life

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I’ve been quiet on this blog. What with Christmas interstate, coming back, getting kids ready for school/uni/working life. Trying to sort out things and reorganise – it all takes up time. I have been photographing a lot still though, just not really sharing it like I once did. I kind of got tired of sharing the same old same old. I am sure you all got tired of it too.

This year has seen a lot of changes already.

I have started a new, part time job involving my other love in life – animals – expressly dogs. I have been employed as a Dog Day Care Assistant at Sit, Stay, Play Dog Day Care centre in Highett here in Melbourne. It is a brand new business and facility and is slowly gaining momentum.

Eldest son is amazing. He is in his second year at Swinburne University studying a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) and is killing it. He is going to Gothenburg, Sweden in July for a 6 month exchange at the University there. He has been overseas once – with us – when he was 10 – to Bali so it is an understatement when I say that he is excited! I am excited for him – so happy that he is taking this amazing opportunity and will come home with some wonderful life lessons and experiences. I will miss him so very much.

Second son finished VCE (year 12) last year. He is not sure what he wants to career-wise however he has had some fabulous finishes in his MotoTrials riding. He competed in the World Trial held here in Victoria and came 7th overall in his class. Apparently he did some amazing riding and he was thrilled with the result. So very happy for him – he is happiest when riding his motorbike. He also managed to get his car licence and has his very own car (that he paid for all by himself) a Ford Ute that he loves!

Youngest is in Year 10 and working hard. She now has TWO part time jobs – one in an icecream shop and the other in a charcoal chicken shop. A good worker with good work ethics. She still manages to get me to pay for stuff though! Her other main interest now is Netball having just stopped playing basketball after playing for 8 years! She has work experience coming up in July at our local Vet practice which will be interesting for her.

Finn the Samriever is loving his life here. He has added many new tricks to his repertoire and continues to bring smiles and laughter to all – strangers included. He is still a Delta Therapy Dog and loves to visit Avonlea, a nursing care facility close by. They look forward to seeing his happy, smiley face!
Above is a photo of Miss B, my eldest child and my handsome Finn – relaxing at the beach on Easter Sunday 2014.

I have had quite a few photography projects happening – you know – work like head shots, 2 weddings, an engagement shoot, concept shoots, Year 12 shoots etc. Need more work though so if you have been thinking of getting me to work with you – please contact me using the contact form here on the site.

AIPP – VPPA’s April 2014

Last month, I entered four images into the VPPA’s run by the AIPP. My aim was to get more than one Silver award. Anything that gets scored between 70 and 79 is considered to be of Professional standard. From 80 to 85 is a Silver Award, 86 to 89 is Silver with Distinction, 90 to 95 is Gold and 96 to 100 is Gold with Distinction.

I entered the following – all in the Illustrative category:


This image is of my son and was the first one up for the day! I was so nervous when I saw it come up. (I went and saw the judging in person which is even more nerve wracking!) There were five judges and the individual scores were 75, 73, 75, 75 and 76 with the final, averaged score being 75. No Silver for me in this one which was disappointing however the scores were consistent (a good thing as it is not polarising) and the judges comments of ‘interesting concept’, ‘muddy, dirty printing’ etc were helpful.

Phew – first one over!

Next to be judged was this one that I call “Same Sex Union”

No comments by the judges at all but scored 79.81, 82, 80 and 78 – the final score being 80. Yes! Silver Award! Very happy with that!

Same Sex Union

Same Sex Union

Next one of mine to be judged was this one. I had high hopes for this one – just for the fact of the colour palette and the sheer joy it shows.


There was laughter when the image was revealed (a good start). The scores came up – 88 (oh my gosh!!) then 78, 78, 80 and 73. Averaged score to 79 – from high hopes to dashed! However, judge 1 challenged and really fought for my image to become a Silver. Her comments were fabulous. While all conceded that there were technical issues with the image (like blue shadows, blown highlighs on her face etc) the positives where the colour palette, the subjects laughing – in particular the horse, the similar hair colour of the horse and the model, Sheri and the round matting which really suited the image. The first judge tried to get the other judges to bring up the score talking about the emotion in the image. It worked. New scores were 88, 80, 81, 83 and 78 which came to a total of 82 – SILVER! Yee har! 2 Silvers!

Finally, this image was judged….


Scores were 82, 80, 78, 78 and 80 – with the final score being 80 – Third Silver! I was so happy!

So, out of 4 images entered – 3 Silvers! Next time – I will aim to get at least 4 Silvers and hopefully a Silver with Distinction and/or dare I even say it – GOLD!

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  1. Shelley

    great work Kate, I ALWAYS love your photos I feel that your photos really tell me so much more than the image you have captured. I am often laughing, wondering where, why and most of all those images remain with me to ponder so much more (:

  2. Sheree

    Just popping by to say hello! Absolutely adore your blog. :) The image of the girl and the horse made me smile from ear to ear. xx

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