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Formalities of the Year 12 Formal – 2016

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These two photos were taken in 2003 – on Bronte’s first day at Primary School. The first photo (although blurry) shows her at home just about to leave. The 2nd photo shows her all happy and dishevelled when I was there to pick her up. She is 5 in these photos.

Fast forward twelve years and she has just started her final year of secondary school – Year 12, VCE.

The first thing to focus on this year was the Year 12 Formal. One of the great things about the school she goes to….they get the Formal out of the way – very fast. They started back at school on the 29th of January and Formal was done and dusted on the 7th of February!

The buildup to the Formal is a slow burn. Planning began mid 2015. There is just so much to organise. Who knew? Not me. Having had two brothers before her – let’s just say – boys and Formals are a breeze and very cheap!

Things to organise:

Special Underwear
Spray Tan
Buttonhole or Boutonnière for the partner
Tickets to Formal
Tickets to After Party
Outfit for After Party
Pres – is that a word?
Transportation for 20 – Stretch Hummer

and I am sure there is more that I have forgotten.

Here’s some pictures for you. Of course, she doesn’t like any of them but that’s the nature of the beast!











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  1. Stunning young lady! Love the dress fabulous choice. I totally agree with the girl vs boys formal planning xx

  2. Christine O'Donnell

    Bronte looks beautiful and so mature. Love the dress – it looks really unique and suits her beautifully. Her hairstyle is gorgeous – she is so glamorous!!

  3. Joan Watts

    Absolutely gorgeous – I bet the night was successful. & they all had a good time. You have to love them in spite of the outlay! Wait till she marries!!!

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