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She turned 18 yesterday

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Eighteen years ago, Bronte arrived on her due date but just 17 days after my mother died. The labour was fast compared to the boys and by the time we arrived at the hospital it had progressed so quickly that I didn’t have time to get the pethidine that I had been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant with her! When the nurse told me that it was too late and I just had two or three pushes and she would be here – I cried! Not for the pain but for the missed drugs… ha ha ha

When she was born, there was a bit of a kerfuffle because it turned out that she had a ‘true knot’ in her umbilical cord. Apparently, this roughly occurs in 1.2% of pregnancies and I was told that she had an exceptionally long cord. “True knots of the umbilical cord are formed when the baby moves through a loop or loops of cord while being active in the uterus, and most form very early in the pregnancy” I guess it would probably be picked up during an ultrasound these days but it wasn’t back then. Because of this, many medical staff came in to check it out.

Soon after the birth, I went into shock – I remember shivering uncontrollably and just wanting to sleep. They wrapped a silver foil type thing over me, I handed her over to Stan and went to snoozy land!

Everything else after that was unremarkable. She was an easy baby although she didn’t sleep through the night until around 18 months of age…zzzzz When she was born – we had 3 under three (Samuel would turn 4 two months later). These years were a bit of a blur to tell you the truth.

She basically grew up in the car/carseat as the boys were 3 and 4 years old and both going to kindergarten but not at the same time. Drop offs and pick ups were frequent and she was always in the car. Easy going, easy to transport.

She went to Nagle Kindergarten in Sandringham just for 4 year old kinder and then on to Sacred Heart Primary. She started playing basketball and netball, did gymnastics for a while and learnt to ride a motorbike amongst other things.

On to secondary school and she . She’s had lots of experiences and this final year so far has been intense.

She’s a left hander just like her mum and she is a creative soul.

We had a lovely day yesterday and celebrated with family and friends just having a lunch and cake. Last night she went to her first dance club in the city and didn’t get home until 3.30am! Wasn’t too keen on that! However, she kept herself very tidy and no overdoing of the drinking. Yay.

Stan and I are very proud of the young woman she has become and wish her only love and happiness x


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  1. Christine O'Donnell

    Bronte is a beautiful young lady and a very nice person (which very often does not go hand-in-hand!!). You can be justly proud of the young woman she has become. Wishing her the best that life can bring with much joy, laughter and love.

  2. Paula

    Where did those years go! Happy birthday to Bronte and congratulations to you and Stan for raising a beautiful young lady. You are an amazing mum just like your mum was to you. Love P xx

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