Curious Rabbit

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Who is Curious Rabbit

Well hello there! My name is Kate.

How did I come to use the name Curious Rabbit? Well, I was born in the Year of the Rabbit and have always had a liking for them. Also, when I was a child I had the most unfortunate buck teeth like a rabbit! People would call me Bucky and I don’t remember it being in a nasty way, I kind of look back on those times affectionately! Add to that a touch of curiousity and there you have it!

I am a mum. I am a wife. I am a sucker for a weepy, girly movie. I love my family. I love my friends. I love taking and making images.

For quite a while there I forgot that I loved being creative. I got busy raising three children and my life revolved around them. Well, they are teenagers now and need me in a very different way. They need me to drive them to where ever they have to go.

All. of. the. time.



I once studied Sculpture and Printmaking at University. Photography (film back then) was a part of the course that I loved very much. I had forgotten that I loved taking photos so much and that in taking and making images, something soothed my soul.

I am back in that place now. Of creativity and documenting special moments in time.

I love animals. I love coffee. I love vintage and retro anything. I love music. I love the colour red. I love driving in the car and singing oh, so loudly to the music. I love chatting and I love laughing.

Take a look through my galleries – if you think that you and I are a good fit for a photographic session, call me or email me.

Alternatively, if you are interested in purchasing one of my Fine Art Images, let me know. Any and all of my images are for sale, not just the ones you see here but the images you will find over at my Challenges blog, in my Flickr account, and my Curious Rabbit Facebook Page. Feel free to look around.

Either way, contact me if you’re curious (or call 0434 988 065), I’d love to chat with you.


~ Kate