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Lensbaby – a different way of seeing – People

The Lensbaby. My favourite lens when I am feeling super artistic. I normally use it for personal projects and images but will get it out once in a while for weddings and other formal occasions. I absolutely adore the painterly feel it gives my work. I was lucky enough to have the image of my daughter with the large beach umbrellas chosen to be image of the week on the Lensbaby Facebook page which is a super honour for me. I hope you like what you see here.


IMG_4530ABWWebNelly-Nero-Light-BalanceUmbrellaIMG_6809BronteUmbrellaCRCameraHouseUmbrellaCRIMG_6286BronteBeachReflectionCRChildhood-LoveCRIMG_6277LensbabyCRIMG_0101GraceMaskABWPortraitGallery KateIMG_6629SLKLensbabyACRIMGP_4852SurferLensbabyCRIMG_5988BronteWindCRIMG_2195BronteUmbrellaCRIMG_2255BronteUmbrellaEOS5WindFinalCRIMG_0012RunnerElwoodCR


IMG_5903StKildaHillCanonWallWebCR IMG_5567QueenscliffTreeParkBWCR    IMG_4766ZedLensbabyCRIMG_9720EdenValleyLookoutCR IMG_9721EdenValleyCR